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Quickie BJ in the Car
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Gear VR
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180 DegreesBlowjob


I am in the passenger seat. We are driving out to meet with some friends. I have nothing else to do then playfully pass my fingers across your tights while you drive. The desire builds up as I tease you. I want you, but we are already running late. We can be a few more minutes late. We find a secluded spot to finish what we have started. I take your cock out. Place it between my lips. It feels so great to swallow you whole. I move up and down on your hard shaft. The brace of my top slides off my shoulder, revealing my erect nipple. You throb on my tongue. I this moment when you are about to explode. I stroke the cum out of you into my mouth. It's so thick and warm. It's time to clean up and go!

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