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Sloppy Bikini BJ
10:00 min - 35177 views


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180 DegreesBlowjobTeasing


I spent most of my time in Miami by the beach in my favorite bikini. Seeing men looking at me, made me so aroused. Once out of the water, all I could think off was to go back home and satisfy my craving. I sit you on a chair so you can see me tease you. I start playing with the small pieces of fabric that barely cover my nipples. I moan as you observe my every move. I feel the softness of my soft skin under my fingers. You erect in seconds. I kneel at your feet to take you in. The flavors of you intoxicate my many senses. I move closer to your face to wipe off the overflowing drool that covers my chin. I go back down to slap your engorged member on my tongue. I love to feel your weight. My lips kiss you lower onto your balls. I want it bad. Your load starts exploding in my throat. I pull the rest of your cum out of your throbbing shaft. Knowing that you are satisfied makes me so whole.

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