The world's first professional 180 degree 3D VR camera.

Download sample footage here: 4K | 1080p

The YourVRCamera 180Z Mk I is the first professional 180 degree 3D VR camera that offers real-time processing and compression.

Designed specifically for the needs of the adult industry, the camera records perfectly undistorted, side by side 3D in the standard equirectangular projection to SD cards, with onboard synched sound. The output file is in high-quality 4K h264, directly compatible with all VR players. No post-production processing or concatenation is required - the files are ready to be watched in VR or directly imported into any modern NLE.

Technical details:

  • 4K h264
  • 180x180 3D FOV
  • Side by side equirectangular projection
  • Onboard sync sound
  • Optional binaural module coming soon
  • Real-time processing, ready to watch
  • Separate touchscreen controls & real-time preview
  • Records to SD cards

Available soon - reserve yours now for free!